About NBS

Japan Performing Arts Foundation (NBS) was founded in 1981 to contribute to the cultural development and enhancement of the arts in Japan, by familiarising the Japanese people with the performing arts, mainly of music and dance, and by promoting international cultural exchanges through the performing arts.

Since our establishment, in partnership with various organisations and public institutions, we have actively striven to nurture and develop performing artists, to invigorate performance activities, both domestic and abroad, and to promote international exchanges, with efforts frequently beyond the scope of the private sector before. In recognition of our contribution to the betterment of public interest through these activities, NBS was named a Designated Public-Service Promotion Corporation in 2005, by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. In April 2011, it was designated as a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation.

We will continue to endeavor to achieve our established aims through the activities listed below. Your continued support and cooperation are vital to our activities and highly appreciated.

  1. To produce a variety of performing arts
  2. To train and develop performing artists
  3. To help promote international exchanges through the performing arts
  4. To administrate The Tokyo Ballet
  5. To administrate The Tokyo Ballet School
  6. To fulfill all other necessary activities to accomplish the Foundation's aims

Shoei Utsuda
Executive Director:
Norio Takahashi, Ryoji Harada
Standing Director:
Michio Suzuki
Kentaro Uryu, Takashi Endo, Shigeaki Okamoto,
Tadachiyo Osada, Ryosuke Komine, Takashi Shoda, Ryoki Sugita, Chihiro Tokai, Takao Niibe, Yuriko Miura
Takatoshi Ide, Nobuyoshi Shimane