About NBS

Japan Performing Arts Foundation was founded in 1981 to develop and promote cultural life in Japan by advancing and popularizing the performing arts, particularly music and dance, and by promoting international exchange in the performing arts.

Since then, in partnership with various organizations and public institutions, we have striven energetically to nurture and develop performing artists, invigorate performance activities (both domestic and abroad), and promote international exchange, efforts that had been beyond the scope of the private sectors or individuals. In recognition of our contribution to the betterment of society through these activities, the Foundation was named a "Designated Organization for the Promotion of Public Interest" by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology in 2005. Recently, in accordance with reforms in the Public Interest Corporations system, we were authorized as a public interest incorporated foundation. Officially, these new beginnings will go into effort on April 1, 2011.

We would appreciate your support and cooperation as we endeavor to continue to accomplish the above objective through the following activities.

  1. The presentation of performances pertaining to the performing arts
  2. The training of artists and technicians related to the performing arts
  3. International exchange pertaining to the performing arts
  4. The management of Tokyo Ballet
  5. The management of the Tokyo Ballet School.
  6. Any other activities necessary for the attainment of the Foundation's objective

Shoei Utsuda
Executive Director:
Norio Takahashi
Standing Director:
Michio Suzuki, Takeo Niibe
Munetaka Iida, Kentaro Uryu, Takashi Endo, Tadachiyo Osada, Ryosuke Komine,
Takashi Shoda, Ryoki Sugita, Yasuo Matsuki, Fumiaki Watari
Takatoshi Ide, Nobuyoshi Shimane
Special Adviser:
Yoshinobu Shimamura