A night of fantasy, brought to you with delightful music and dance, bathed in magical light and color

The Nutcracker ballet tells the story of the mysterious events that befall young Clara on Christmas Eve. This masterpiece, set to Tchaikovsky's rich and varied music, has become a year-end custom, beloved by families and friends.

After receiving an unusual nutcracker doll as a Christmas present, Clara becomes entangled later that evening in a battle between armies of dolls and mice. In gratitude for her assistance, the nutcracker invites her to the snowy forest to see a dazzling dance of fairies, then to a magical kingdom showcasing different dances from around the world. Act I features Clara and the transformed nutcracker (now a prince) in a beautiful adagio sequence, as well as the two of them dancing in the snow, in a fantastical performance where they seem to frolic with the snowflakes. Act II presents a succession of unique dances at a banquet held in the magic kingdom and then ends with a must-see grand pas de deux danced by Clara and the prince.

This performance features Daniil Simkin as a guest dancer. Simkin is spectacularly popular among ballet fans for his charming personality and excellent technique, which puts his flexibility on full display. Dancing opposite Simkin is Kanako Oki, a young star in the ballet world. The performance also features a new pair of principal dancers, Mamiko Kawashima and Yasuomi Akimoto, in their first Nutcracker appearance. The pair is fresh off their memorable performance in Vladimir Bourmeister's production of Swan Lake. Audiences will be treated to star-level technique, beautiful numbers by the corps de ballet, and charming character dances. We hope that this timeless classic, showcasing the diversity of ballet, piques the curiosity of young viewers and evokes nostalgic childhood memories for adults.

Exciting and Captivating Projection Mapping

This production also features the sparkling illumination of projection mapping, used for creating the magic that takes over Clara's living room in the late hours after the party, for the scenery of the snowy pine forest that Clara and the nutcracker journey to after their victory over the mice, and for the scene where Clara wakes up in her living room at the end of her adventures in the magic kingdom. Audiences have much to look forward to with this new and exciting approach that transforms the stage into a fantasy realm.

Photos:Kiyonori Hasegawa