Dancers & Program

The many fresh and exciting "Princes of the Ballet" vie with one another over aesthetics and technique in these special performances! The magnificent Études, performed by a rotating cast, entrances audiences with techniques involving dueling volleys of fireworks. Also on display is Are you as big as me?--the mischievous dance of a male trio who were widely acclaimed at a gala performance by the Stuttgart Ballet company last year. Those are only two of the works to be performed as part of this program. Come and enjoy the never-before-seen, revelatory thrill of these dancing princes. And last but not least, don't miss the lovely princesses joining the princes in their performances!


Leonid Sarafanov

Daniil Simkin

Vladimir Shklyarov

Edward Watson


Sarah Lamb

Maria Kochetokova

July 15 (Friday) and 16 (Saturday) July 17 (Sunday) and 18 (Monday, national holiday)
Opening: performed by all of the dancers
New Work(choreographed by Wayne McGregor):
Edward Watson
Are you as big as me?(choreographed by Roman Novitzky):
Leonid Sarafanov, Daniil Simkin, one other dancer
"Ballet 101" (choreographed by Eric Gautier):
Vladimir Shklyarov
Pas de deux:
Edward Watson, Sarah Lamb
Pas de deux:
Daniil Simkin, Maria Kochetkova
Tango(choreographed by Van Maanen):
Vladimir Shklyarov
Maria Kochetkova
Solo:Sarah Lamb New Work(choreographed by Alastair Marriott):
Edward Watson
Études(choreographed by Harald Lander):
Daniil Simkin, Leonid Sarafanov,
Vladimir Shklyarov, Maria Kochetkova,
and dancers from the Tokyo Ballet
Études (choreographed by Harald Lander):
Leonid Sarafanov, Vladimir Shklyarov
Sarah Lamb,
and dancers from the Tokyo Ballet
Finale:performed by all of the dancers

Photo:Kiyonori Hasegawa


This work--in which the performers start at the barre and mimic a ballet class--presents 45 minutes filled with a multitude of ballet techniques and styles. The pace continues to accelerate in the second half of the piece, in which a piano étude by Carl Czerny transforms into a spectacle of technique involving two male soloist principals and one female soloist principal, accompanied by a massive corps de ballet. This piece has become part of the repertoire of the Paris Opera Ballet and other troupes around the world.

Photo:Kiyonori Hasegawa

Are you as big as me?

The choreography of this short work exudes a unique sense of humor and sweetness as the male trio it features competes over trivialities. The piece was composed by current Stuttgart Ballet principal Roman Novitzky. It was performed to great acclaim at a gala when the company visited Japan in 2015. The photograph is from a performance by the Stuttgart Ballet.