Magnificent Stars and Dancers from La Scala Come Together for an Exquisite Performance of Rudolf Nureyev's Masterpiece!

Since its establishment in the 18th century, Italy's leading musical theater, the Teatro alla Scala (La Scala) in Milan, has achieved the global pinnacle of the theatrical arts. The house has produced some of the most important works in the history of ballet, its famed dancing stars engaging in their craft upon its stage. This year marks the 150th anniversary of the establishment of relations between Japan and Italy. It is against this backdrop that La Scala Ballet Company is returning to Japan for the first time in three years, bringing from Milan a magnificent leading cast and an outstanding, crowd-pleasing piece of its repertory, Don Quixote.

Imbued with the brightness and passion of Spain, Don Quixote serves as an occasion for energetic and diverse dance performances. Among the classical ballets, it is an outstandingly popular piece of repertory. Of the different versions of the ballet, the one staged by Rudolf Nureyev is notable for being packed with everything that could conceivably add to the enjoyment of watching a ballet: countless beautiful, virtuoso, and powerful group dances; the elegant aesthetic world of the imagination of the eponymous Don Quixote; and the dazzling stagecraft that is quintessentially La Scala.

Traveling in search of his ideal princess, the old knight Don Quixote is entreated by the young Kitri--who bears the likeness of Don Quixote's yearned-for princess, Dulcinea--to assist her in fulfilling her romantic destiny. Don Quixote's great misunderstandings and zealous sense of mission give rise to a dramatic tumult. As the scene shifts from a square in Barcelona to a gypsy camp and then to a tavern--tracing the outline of a story filled with bottomless joy--numerous stunning dances are performed that have the audience gasping at their splendor.

For this performance, frequent guest dancers at Milan's La Scala are joined by the troupe's notable career performers to deliver a magnificent collaboration!

Photo:Marco Brescia and Rudy Amisano-Teatro alla Scala