Die Walküre

Composed by Richard Wagne
The Ring of the Nibelungs (1st Night)

Die Walküre (Three Acts)

A First Time for Die Walküre during the Wiener Staatsoper Japan Tour

Since 1980, the Wiener Staatsoper has performed in Japan nine times, but this is the first time Der Ring des Nibelungen will be presented. The most popular act in this long-awaited four-part performance is Die Walküre. The emphasis in this work is not on the struggle for power but on the emotions of the characters. All the arias are tinged with the strongest human feelings, like love and suffering. The deep emotional impression it engenders is what makes it so popular with theatergoers.

This production is replete with grand dramatic devices. In the highlight, flames leap up around the bewitched Brünnhilde, and in the finale Wotan says goodbye to his daughter in his heart. The flames seem to explode out from the stage by the use of the projection mapping of a live flame.

A Specialist Conductor and Powerful Singing Ensemble Make For the Perfect Production

Of course, this production is not simply a visual spectacle; the conductor, Adam Fischer, is well-known as a Wagner specialist. He made his debut conducting Der Ring des Nibelungen at the Bayreuth Festival in 2001, where he took over after the sudden death of his master Giuseppe Sinopoli. Since then, Fischer has conducted Der Ring des Nibelungen many times at venues such as the Bayreuth Festival and in his place of birth, Budapest. He has said, "Der Ring des Nibelungen is filled with mysteries. One could spend an entire life trying to unravel those mysteries, and it still would not be enough." This conductor possesses the temperament of a craftsman, and he undertakes his craft with great sincerity.

Fischer's opinion is that the conductor is there to assist the singers, and when asked about the singers for this production, he answers with a single word: "mighty." Thomas Koniechuni, the well-known bass baritone playing the role of Wotan, has already earned a solid reputation as a Wagner specialist. Following Koniechuni, Nina Shutenme is easily recognized as the best in the world today and plays the role of Brünnhilde. Christopher Ventorisu has a lyrical and powerful voice and plays the role of Siegmund, and both Shutenme and Ventorisu have an established reputation for being powerful Wagner singers. Petra Lang plays Sieglinde and Michaela Schuster's role is Frigga, and both have proven their success in Bayreuth. With this lineup of "mighty" singers, there is no doubt this will be the promised perfect performance.

【This production】
◉Premiere : December 2, 2007
Conductor : Franz Welser-Möst


Christopher Ventris


Petra Lang

Photo:Ann Weitz


Nina Stemme

Photo:Neda Navaee


Tomasz Konieczny

Photo:Michael Poehn


Michaela Schuster

Photo:Nikola Stege