Béjart Ballet Lausanne (BBL) and The Tokyo Ballet will Share the Stage
in《Béjart Celebration》

Maurice Béjart, a charismatic choreographer, brought about love and revolution in ballet in the late 20th century.

2017 marks the 10th anniversary of his death and the 50th anniversary since his Ballet du XXème siècle's first Japan tour (which was later renamed Béjart Ballet Lausanne). To honor him and celebrate the anniversary of his death, 22 November, BBL and The Tokyo Ballet will share the stage for two days in a sublime gala《Béjart Celebration》.

For Béjart, dance was not a mere joy to the eyes, but an art form that would let people to perceive life and animate the power to live. Inspired by various cultures and themes around the world, he created numerous ballets filled with shock, intoxication and love to stir the audiences all over the world.

Japan was one of the countries that attracted him most. He not only visited Japan several times with his company, but also worked with The Tokyo Ballet on many occasions. His creations for The Tokyo Ballet included The Kabuki based on a Japanese tale of "Chushingura" or M inspired by Yukio Mishima, one of the Japanese most celebrated writers. His bond with Japan was further deepened through such great ballets.

This year, BBL is energetically touring internationally to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his great master's death, but among their tours, this special gala with The Tokyo Ballet will surely be one of the highlights. Join us and enjoy the reunion with the great master who will transmigrate on the stage!

Photo: Gregory Batardon

t 'M et variations...

Photo: LaureN Pasche

Béjart fête Maurice