"I am going to marry my mom!"
A Touching Ballet Filled with Love for Dance and Mother

On Christmas Eve, a sad little boy, Bim, is sitting alone under a fir tree thinking about his mother who died a year ago. Suddenly appears a huge statue of Venus from which his mother comes out. Bim and his mother dance together a beautiful pas de deux. This boy represents the young Maurice Béjart whose mother passed away when he was seven.

2017 marks the 10th anniversary of Maurice Béjart's death, one of the greatest choreographers of our time. We are pleased to present the "Anniversay Performance Series" to honor him and to revive the shock, agitation and deep impression that we have appreciated through his works. This Casse-noisetteperformances by The Tokyo Ballet will be the third edition of the series.

Tchaikovsky wrote the music of Casse-noisette, looking back on his childhood with nostalgia. Béjart created this ballet in a similar way. Set to one of the three greatest ballet scores, Bejart's Casse-noisette is one of his masterpieces which reveals the secret of the birth of the great choreographer.

The Tokyo Ballet will bring Bejart's Casse-noisette for the first time in five years to pay tribute to the great master and dearest friend.

Photo:Kiyonori Hasegawa

Photo:Marcel imsand

Maurice Béjart

Maurice Béjart is born in Marseille on January 2, 1927, the son of philosopher. He begins his career as dancer in Vichy in 1946, continues with Janine Charrat, Roland Petit and especially in London as part of the International Ballet. His career as choreographer starts in 1955 as he creates his own company in Paris. After his triumphant success of The Rite of Spring, In 1960, Béjart launches, in Brussels, Le Ballet du XXe Siècle. In 1987, it became the Béjart Ballet Lausanne. His productions extend beyond 300.