Don Quixote's Dream


Sunday 25 August 2019, 11:30 (First performance)
Sunday 25 August 2019, 14:30 (Second performance)

Running Time About 1 hr 30 mins including an intermission.

First performance 
Kitri Akira Akiyama
Basil Shoma Ikemoto
Second performance
Kitri Akimi Denda
Basil Dan Tsukamoto

Photos:Nobuhiko Hikiji

Photo: Kiyonori Hasegawa

Don Quixote sets out on a journey with his squire Sancho Panza to find his dream girl, Dulcinea. In a market place in Barcelona where he notices Kitri, he believes she is Dulcinea. Meanwhile, Kitri wants to marry her longtime love Basil, but her father Lorenzo would have his daughter marry a rich nobleman Gamache. The whole town is now in upheaval over Kitri's marriage!

Photos:Kiyonori Hasegawa

*Casting as of 20 February 2019 is subject to change.
*Recorded music will be used.


Meguro Persimmon Hall (Tokyo)