Performance Dates & Tickets
What is Choreographic Project?

Please kindly note that the performance date and venue for The Tokyo Ballet's Choreographic Project 2022 have been changed as below from the viewpoint of COVID-19 prevention measures. Accordingly, ticket prices have been also changed (They are lower than original prices). We apologize for our short notice and inconvenience, but would appreciate your kind understanding. (As of 6 January 2022)

Artistic Director Yukari Saito started the Project in 2017 aiming at further motivating The Tokyo Ballet's dancers as artists, by stimulating their creativity and developing artistry through their choreographing and performing their own ballets.

The program will be composed of both the ballets already staged in the past and new works to be premiered.

Performance Dates

New Date
Sunday 6 March 2022, 14:00
@Tokyo Bunka Kaikan


Le Spectre de la rose
Choreography Kazuo Kimura
Dancers Shoma Ikemoto, Kurumi Kato, Maria Adachi, Nako Hiraki, Eriko Nakajima

【     】
Choreography Junya Okazaki
Rehearsal Assistants Eriko Nakazawa, Sou Toriumi
Dancers Akira Akiyama, Akimi Denda, Dan Tsukamoto, Shoma Ikemoto, Junya Okazaki

somewhere but not here.
Choreography Junya Okazaki
Dancers Momoko Takumi, Kanoko Tomita, Sou Toriumi, Riku Takashi

Choreography Braulio Arvarez
Dancers Haruka Uriu, Tsukasa Okazaki

Auferstehung - Part 1
Choreography Braulio Arvarez
Dancers Haruka Uriu, Tsukasa Okazaki
Akimi Denda, Kanako Nihei, Yurika Mikumo, Yumiko Takaura, Kotone Hasegawa, Yuka Otsubo, Chiri Matsunaga, Suguru Otsuka, Ryunosuke Ubukata, Kosuke Wada, Takahiro Tamagawa, Kentaro Goto, Yugo Yamashita

The sun rises
Choreography Hitomi Kaneko
Dancers Momoko Takumi, Yuki Higuchi

After Show
Choreography Shuntaro Ifuku
Dancers Shuntaro Ifuku, Takahiro Tamagawa, Eriko Nakazawa, Tomoya Nakajima

Choreography Yuma Yasui
Dancers Akira Akiyama, Shuntaro Ifuku, Mao Yamada, Kazunari Kaida, Kentaro Goto, Tomoya Nakajima, Sou Serizawa, Tsukasa Hoshino, Takaya Kako, Haruto Koizumi, Tomoki Takahashi, Hiroto Miyamura, Shotaro Yamanaka, Chiharu Horie, Nao Yamani

* Program and casting as of 7 February 2022 are subject to change.


New Venue
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan

Tickets (tax included)

New prices

Presale for Club Assemblé members ¥2,000
General sale ¥4,000

●Only one ticket per person can be purchased as the number of seats is limited due to the COVID-19 prevention measures.
●General sale begins should tickets have not been sold out during the presale for Club Assemblé members.
Please note that we are to present the performances with the utmost caution in line with national and regional guidelines for novel coronavirus infection prevention measures, and that the performance dates and details are subject to change depending on circumstances. We will be posting on our website a list of novel coronavirus precautions upon attending the performance. Audience members are kindly asked to read it before attending the performance.
●Children under 6 years old are not admitted to the auditorium.
●Program and casting will be announced shortly. Changes in the program and cast do not entitle holders to return or exchange tickets.

Ticket Sale Dates

Presale for Club Assemblé members
- On website from Thursday 13 January 2022 at 21:00
- By telephone from Monday 17 January 2022 at 10:00

General ticket sale begins on Friday 21 January 2022 at 21:00 Book now

*General sale begins should tickets have not been sold out during the presale for Club Assemblé members.

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