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Jo Kanamori's ambitious full-length ballet KAGUYAHIME world premieres in Fall 2023.

Ballet in three acts, World Premiere
Direction and Choreography Jo Kanamori
Music Claude Debussy
Costume design Tamae Hirokawa (SOMA DESIGN)
Décor Masaki Kondo
Video Ryu Endo
Lighting design Masakazu Ito (RYU)
Assistant Director Sawako Iseki
Costume production Sonoko Takeda (Veronique)

The Tokyo Ballet commissioned Jo Kanamori, one of the greatest choreographers in Japan, to create a full-length ballet for the Company, whose creation started in the spring of 2021. The first act was premiered in 2021 and the second in April 2023. After two years and seven months since the beginning of the project, it will be completed as a ballet in three acts, giving its world premiere in October 2023.

Inspired by the oldest Japanese surviving piece of long prose narrative "The Tale of Bamboo Cutter", Kanamori has drawn the happy childhood of Kaguyahime in Act I, and her lonely life in the Court and struggle with the court people in Act II. Act III will reach the climax of the tale; why she has to return to the Moon.

Don't miss out the mysterious journey of Kaguyahime!

Photo: Shoko Matsuhashi

Jo Kanamori

Performance Dates

Friday 20 October 2023, 19:00 @Tokyo Bunka Kaikan (Tokyo)
Saturday 21 October 2023, 14:00 @Tokyo Bunka Kaikan (Tokyo)
Sunday 22 October 2023, 14:00 @Tokyo Bunka Kaikan (Tokyo)

Saturday 2 December 2023, 16:00 RYUTOPIA Niigata City Performing Arts Center (Niigata)
Sunday 3 December 2023, 14:00 @TRYUTOPIA Niigata City Performing Arts Center (Niigata)


Tokyo Performances
Kaguyahime Akira Akiyama (10/20, 22) / Maria Adachi (10/21)
Douji Dan Tsukamoto (10/20, 22) / Yasuomi Akimoto (10/21)
Okina Kazuo Kimura (10/20, 21, 22)
Kagehime Kanako Oki (10/20, 22) / Hitomi Kaneko (10/21)
The Mikado Suguru Otsuka (10/20, 22) / Shoma Ikemoto (10/21)

Niigata Performances
Kaguyahime Akira Akiyama (12/2, 3)
Douji Dan Tsukamoto (12/2, 3)
Okina Kazuo Kimura (12/2, 3)
Kagehime Kanako Oki (12/2, 3)
The Mikado Suguru Otsuka (12/2, 3)

Running Time About 2 hours and 40 minutes including 2 intermissions.
Recorded music will be used.

*Program and casting as of 19 May 2023 are subject to change.


Tokyo Bunka Kaikan (Tokyo)

RYUTOPIA Niigata City Performing Arts Center (Niigata)

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For Performances at Tokyo Bunka Kaikan

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B \9,000
C \7,000
D \5,000
E \3,000
25 and Under \1,500

For Performances at RYUTOPIA Niigata City Performing Arts Center

SS \12,000
S \8,500
A \5,500
25 and Under
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●Program and casting as of 19 May 2023 are subject to change. Changes in the program or the cast do not entitle holders to return or exchange tickets.
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