Gala - The World of John Neumeier

Photo:Holger Badekow

John Neumeier sometimes uses elaborate staging and dramatic theatrical tricks to make his audience appreciate humanity, and he finds a rich world of emotions within music through his keen understanding of aesthetics and trenchant interpretations. At the gala performance of The World of John Neumeier, ballet fans will be able to experience in full the world of this singular choreographer--supported more by aficionados of the craft than any other ballet choreographer or esteemed company worldwide--as well the power of his ballet troupe.

This program is more than just a performance of a few highlights: Neumeier will intersperse the story of his life--devoted to the art of ballet--with fragments from his fertile body of work. The gala will begin with a word from the choreographer himself. It will proceed with a medley from a wide range of works. There will be narrative ballets, including Lady of the Camellias, in which two young lovers must face their own psyches; Nijinsky, which depicts the fierce soul of the legendary, brilliant dancer; and The Nutcracker, which expresses Neumeier's love of ballet. There will also be symphonic ballets, including Third Symphony by Gustav Mahler and Saint Matthew Passion, which give form to the worlds of great composers' music through Neumeier's unique approach. In a cameo appearance, Alina Cojocaru--accompanied by the dancers of the Hamburg Ballet, who have received the tutelage of Neumeier and boast high degrees of expressiveness--will perform the succession of masterpieces. Come and enjoy the grand and enchanting World of Neumeier.

Lady of the Camellias

I got Rhythm


Death in Venice

Photos:Holger Badekow