The 32nd NBS Premium Ballet Series subscription will offer you priority booking for the best seats of six distinguished programs performed in Tokyo. We are accepting subscribers from Friday 12 November 2021. For application details, please contact us by email at

Subscriber Benefits

1) Priority booking ahead of the public

2) Discounts on additional tickets

3) Complimentary program books

4) Access to an open class of The Royal Ballet on their 2022 Japan Tour

5) Access to an online lecture on The Taming of the Shrew of Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo

6) Access to an open onstage rehearsal of the Hamburg Ballet on their 2023 Japan Tour

7) Priority booking for other performances presented by Japan Performing Arts Foundation (NBS)

Subscription Fees

For the payment of subscription fees for the six programs, you can choose between lump-sum payment and installed payments. You can pay either by bank transfer or credit card. For further information for payment method, please contact us at

1. Lump-sum payment (by seat category)
 Due date: Monday 31 January 2022

 Category S: JPY130,000
 Category A: JPY114,000
 Category B: JPY98,000
 Ballet Royal Seat*: JPY430,000

2. Installed payments (by seat category)
 Due dates: 31 January 2022, 31 March 2020 and 31 May 2021

31 January 2022 31 March 2020 31 May 2021
Category S JPY44,000 JPY43,000 JPY43,000
Category A JPY38,000 JPY38,000 JPY38,000
Category B JPY34,000 JPY32,000 JPY32,000
Ballet Royal Seat* JPY150,000 JPY150,000 JPY130,000

*Ballet Royal Seat

It is a premium membership for people who wish to become patrons of the 32nd NBS Premium Ballet Series. The total fee of JPY430,000 consists of a membership fee of Category S, JPY130,000, and a donation of JPY300,000. Your donations will directly fund realization of the 32nd NBS Premium Ballet Series and will help providing opportunities to a wider audience through various discount tickets including student tickets, and parent and child tickets. The donations are tax-deductible.

In addition to the above subscriber benefits, members of the Ballet Royal Seat will further enjoy;
- The highest level of priority booking
- Access to open onstage rehearsals of Giselle and Manon of The Royal Ballets on their 2022 Japan Tour
- Access to an additional onstage rehearsal of the Hamburg Ballet on their 2023 Japan Tour

For more information, please contact us at