Long Awaited Return of the Hamburg Ballet since Their Triumphant Tour 2016
Photo:Kiran West

John Neumeier
Director and Chief Choreographer

Their ultimate dramatic ballet enthralls discerning ballet fans.
The Hamburg Ballet led by Director and Chief Choreographer John Neumeier is one of the most acclaimed companies in the world today. John Neumeier's ballets based on his keen aesthetic sense unweave the psychology of the modern people. During their last Japan tour in 2016, every single performance received a long, enthusiastic standing ovation, and the reputation quickly spread on SNS.

In 2018, they are returning with two of the most popular works in their repertoire, Lady of the Camellias and Nijinsky, together with Neumeier's autobiographical ballet gala The World of John Neumeier which produced a great sensation last time.

Lady of the Camellias depicts the young lovers struggle when they look into themselves through their love. Neumeier's Lady of the Camellias is said to represent faithfully the original novel by Alexandre Dumas fils. Nijinsky is an ultimate masterpiece that tells the dramatic life and mind of the 20th century's dance phenomenon, Nijinsky. Revealing the essence of Neumeier's creation through the beautiful sequence of the excerpts from his works, The World of John Neumeier brings the audience to a real storm of excitement.

Join us to experience the sublime world of ballet art!

Photo:Kiran West


Photo:Charlotte MacMillan

Alina Cojocaru

Guest Artist


Carolina Agüero

Karen Azatyan

Silvia Azzoni

Carsten Jung

Hélène Bouchet

Edvin Revazov

Leslie Heylmann

Alexandre Riabko

Anna Laudere

Lloyd Riggins

Alexandr Trusch

Ivan Urban

Special Artist

Photos: Kiran West