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11-04.14Bintley_photo_Steve Hanson.jpg 3月11日午後、私は新国立劇場バレエ団のダンサーに、私自身の振付であり、次の土曜に初演を予定していたバレエ団の新作「テイク・ファイヴ」のリハーサルを行っていました。その日に起こったすさまじい地震と津波、そして日本人の置かれた痛ましいまでの惨状は、全世界にまたたく間に知れ渡りました。音楽、歌、そしてダンスは歓喜と幸福感を魂に呼び起こすものだけに、それは不適切に思われ、日本人が自分たちを襲った悲劇の大きさを把握しはじめるにつれ、新国立劇場そして東京のほとんどの劇場がその扉を閉ざしたのでした。


英国バーミンガム・ロイヤル・バレエ 芸術監督 

   On the afternoon of 11 March 2011, I was rehearsing the dancers of the National Ballet of Japan in my ballet Take Five, part of the Company's latest programme, due to premiere the following Saturday. The devastating earthquake and tsunami that occurred that day and the resulting tragic plight of the Japanese people echoed around the world. Music, singing and dancing, which can so often bring joy and happiness to the spirit seemed inappropriate, and the New National along with most theatres in Tokyo closed its doors as the people of Japan began to count the cost of the tragedy visited upon them.

   Two months later with Japan facing its future with a bravery and stoicism that has become the admiration of the world, I am proud to be bringing Birmingham Royal Ballet to Japan as part of the cultural and spiritual healing of this great nation. We hope that our performances of Sir Peter Wright's classic production of The Sleeping Beauty and Sir Frederick Ashton's warm and wonderful masterpieces, The Dream and Daphnis and Chloe will bring joy and light to our Japanese audiences and provide them with some respite from their current difficulties.

David Bintley, Director, Birmingham Royal Ballet

photo:Steve Hanson