11 Aug 2021
The 16th World Ballet Festival: Important notice to the audience members

The safety and comfort of our audiences, participating artists, staff and all the people concerned is of the utmost importance to us. To host the 16th World Ballet Festival, we are and will be strictly following the COVID-19 preventive measures imposed by the regional and national governments as well as other possible measures.


In line with those preventive measures, we have also had to establish necessary guidelines for the audiences to ensure the best possible attendance. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you, but sincerely thank you for your kind consideration and for complying with the guidelines. Please read the following carefully before attending the performance(s).


1. COVID-19 Contact Tracing

In line with the Japanese government request, please register your contact details via this link before attending the performance(s):>>>click here>>> 

It is to enable us to let you know if you may have been exposed to COVID-19.

We regret the format is only in Japanese. Please contact english@nbs.or.jp if you need any help to register.


2. Baggage Inspection

During the period of Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games, the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan must implement baggage inspection of each audience member. Schedule to arrive at the theater earlier enough because it may take more time to enter than usual.


3. No Sales of Same-Day Tickets

There will be no sales of same-day tickets as we cannot sell more than 50% capacity, under the current situation.


4. Stay Home when Appropriate

You must stay at home and must not attend any Festival event if you

(a) are required to self-isolate or quarantine due to being a confirmed case of COVID-19, or having close contact with a confirmed case.

(b) have been tested for COVID-19 and are awaiting for test results.

(c) develop any of the symptoms of COVID-19 including fever of 37.5 or higher (or you have had a fever for days), cough, sneeze, sore throat, shortness of breath, running nose, loss or taste or smell , fatigue, muscle or body ache, and others.


At the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan

5. Body Temperature Screening

Body Temperature Screening will be implemented at the entrance of the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan. You may be refused entry if you are identified to have a fever of 37.5 or higher.


6. Mask Wearing

Wear a mask at all times in the theater. You may be refused entry if you are not wearing a mask.


7. Wash Your Hands

Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly and use hand sanitizer where available.


8. Refrain from Talking or Eating

Refrain from talking, uttering a voice or eating at all times in the entire theater including the auditorium, foyer and restrooms.


9. Bring Your Own Drink

Please bring your own bottle of water or any other non-alcoholic beverage if necessary, as the water servers at the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan will not be in service. There will be no sale of food and drink either.


10. No Rental Service of Opera Glasses and Blankets, no cloakroom available

There will be no rental service of opera glasses and blankets. There will be no cloakroom available.


11. Pick up a Cast Sheet by Yourself

To limit contact between people as much as possible, cast sheets will not be handed directly to each audience member. Please pick up a cast sheet by yourself from the piles on the desk.


12. Refrain from Shouting Bravo

Please refrain from shouting bravo or any other words at the performances. Your warm clapping will be highly appreciated.


13. Remain Seated after Performance

Please remain seated after the performance until further instructions are announced, in order to avoid crowding the exits.


14. No Waiting for the Participating Artists at the Stage Door, hotel or any other places

I line with the guidelines that we are imposed by the government, it is strictly prohibited that the participating artists contact with other people except a few designated people concerned. Therefore, please refrain from waiting for artists at the stage door of the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, hotel or any other places.


15. About Gifts, Flowers and Letters to the Participating Artists

Basically, any gifts to the participating artists cannot be accepted at the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, to help prevent spread of germs.

- Flowers: However, if you wish to send flowers, you can do so through the following flower delivery service. No other flowers sent in different ways can be accepted. >>>click here

- Letters: A special post will be set in the foyer. You can drop your letter to the artist in the post. They will be delivered to each artist. Please make sure to put the addressee's name. You can enclose only letter.

- Messages: Instead of physical letters, you can also send messages to the participating artists via >>>click here


Thank you for your kind consideration to follow the guidelines.


Preventive Measures that Japan Performing Arts Foundation Follows

1. Ventilation

To increase circulation of outdoor air as much as possible, we will open the doors one hour before the curtain-up. In addition, we will open as many doors of the foyer as possible for ventilation.


2. Cleaning and Disinfecting

We will be cleaning and disinfecting regularly all the related facilities at the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan including the auditorium, foyer, restrooms, stage, stage wings, greenrooms and others.


3. Health Monitoring of Staff Members

All the event staff members are checking temperature every day and self-monitoring health condition. Only those without any symptoms of COVID-19 are allowed to work at site.


4. Mask, Face-Shield and Sanitary Glove Wearing

All the event staff members will be wearing a mask, face-shield and sanitary gloves on the day of the performances.


Thank you for reading and for your kind understanding. If you have any questions, please contact us at english@nbs.or.jp .


Japan Performing Arts Foundation (NBS)