13 Dec 2022
The Tokyo Ballet: KAGUYAHIME - Act 2, In the Night, Spring and Fall at Ballet Holiday in Ueno no Mori 2023
The Tokyo Ballet is delighted to announce that the long-awaited second act of KAGUYAHIME by Jo Kanamori will be presented in a triple bill including two masterpieces, Jerome Robbins's In the Night and John Neumeier's Spring and Fall, at the ballet festival, Ballet Holiday in Ueno no Mori 2023, held during Golden Week.

The setting of KAGUYAHIME now moves to the Mikado's Court where Kaguyahime finds herself isolated among the Mikado and courtiers. A tension between Kaguyahime and the court people will be portrayed by a powerful corps de ballet.

Join us for the sumptuous triple bill at Ballet Holiday in Ueno no Mori 2023.

Performance Dates
Friday 28 April 2023, 19:00 @Tokyo Bunka Kaikan (Tokyo)
Saturday 29 April 2023, 14:00 @Tokyo Bunka Kaikan (Tokyo)
Sunday 30 April 2023, 15:00 @Tokyo Bunka Kaikan (Tokyo)

Direction and Choreography Jo Kanamori
Kaguyahime Akira Akiyama (4/28, 30), Maria Adachi (4/29)
Douji Dan Tsukamoto (4/28, 30), Yasuomi Akimoto (4/29)
Okina Kazuo Kimura
Kagehime Kanako Oki (4/28, 30), Hitomi Kaneko (4/29)
The Mikado Suguru Otsuka (4/28, 30), Shoma Ikemoto (4/29)

In the Night
Choreography Jerome Robbins

Spring and Fall
Choreography John Neumeier

Running Time About 2 hours and 10 minutes including 2 intermissions.

Ticket Prices 
S: ¥13,000 A: ¥11,000 B: ¥9,000 C: ¥7,000 D: ¥5,000 E: ¥3,000

Ticket Sale Dates
Advance sale Friday 20 January 2023, 21:00 - Friday 27 January 2023, 18:00
General sale starts on Friday 10 February 2023 at 10:00.

The Tokyo Ballet
Japan Performing Arts Foundation (NBS)

*Casting and programs as of 13 December 2022 are subject to change.